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imageToday, in the second instalment of my features which chat with various members of the digital marketing industry about their opinions and thoughts on the concept of guest blogging as a content marketing technique, I’m pleased to bring you my chat with Ann Smarty, founder of, ultimately one of the leading online resources for anyone looking for guest blogging opportunities! Here’s what Ann had to say:

1. In your opinion, is guest blogging still a sustainable and effective part of content marketing?

Absolutely. Now with Authorship markup, it’s one of the most effective ways to bring your author brand on powerful platforms and build your author’s backlink profile and reputation.

2. Its common knowledge that many now regard guest blogging as ineffective and spammy. What would you say have guest blogging a bad name in recent months?

There’s nothing much to say here: Guest blogging has really become spammers’ target. All I can say here: High-quality guest blogging will never be considered spammy as it’s based on relationships.

3. What do you feel can be done to put a stop to low quality ‘guest blogging’ and increase the level of quality of outreach and submitted blog posts?

If blog owners rejected any lower-quality post, low-quality guest blogging couldn’t survive. There’s not much we can do to change the world: Just ignore it as you with comment spam: Don’t allow it on your blog and that’s it!

4. What should the main aim of guest blogging be for the writer?

Relationship building. Care about the blogger you are approaching and his/her community. I have shared a little case study of mine on how one good contact with the blogger got me a lot of links as she just kept mentioning me.

5. How do you see people’s approach to guest blogging evolving over the next 12 months?

I have a big hope that Authorship will encourage more and more people to focus on high-quality guest blogging as that will just make more sense.

A huge thanks goes to Ann for taking the time to share her thoughts and opinions on the subject which she’s seen as so influential in!

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  1. Elain Carter says:

    Nice Blog Post! I agree low quality blogs are automatically rejected, as for now that Google Panda and Penguin are very alert. We have to create a quality contents to avoid penalized on this Google updates. by that way your not wasted your time on writing blogs.

  2. Chris Gunn says:

    Thanks for hooking up with Ann! This gives a lot of confidence to the people out there that aren’t sure if guest blogging is still a for-sure way to go! I can preach it all day long, but to hear it from the mouth of an “expert” on the situation, it can only help the market.

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